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In July 1983, Martha Perez was looking for a restaurant, and a friend of hers told her about a place in Jackson. When Martha drove into Jackson for the first time that "this was it!"

Martha remembers:
"As soon as I came down Highway 49 into Jackson, I fell in love with the town. I didn't even know that I was going to buy the restaurant...", she just knew that "this was it".

"This is where we are going to be for the rest of our lives! This is going to be where I raise my kids. I don't know, there is just something in the air when you go down into Jackson, there is something that just grabs you."

With many years experience in the restaurant business, Martha and her then husband, Jose, had very definite ideas of what they wanted to create. Martha explains: "We created a 'family' atmosphere with fresh cooked meals. We cook it when you order it. Our kitchen doesn't even have a microwave! The way that we cook, and the spices that we use are made for the American "taste". It can be spicy or not. That's why people like it. The spice is just the right amount."

Jose's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
609 South Highway 49
Jackson, California 95642

Restaurant Hours:
Closed Mondays
Lunch from 11AM-2PM
Dinner from 5PM-9PM

(209) 223-3886
Email: info@josesmexandcantina
Facebook: facebook.com/josesmexrestaurant

Bikers welcome!
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